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I received an email today demanding more of my "amusing" blog--not hilarious or hysterical, just "amusing." Hmmph. I'll let that one slide.

I just haven't had a lot to write about, I guess, which is a poor excuse. I've been allowing the summer to close out on it's own, trying to enjoy those last few beach days. I've also been trying to figure out the rest of my life, and with that and all this sleeping I've been doing, I haven't had much time to type up these asinine posts. I don't know why I thought things would be different for me--ah, the post-graduation blues--but it's all hitting me now like it should have back in May. Most days I'm so happy with my life and everything in it, and recognize how lucky and blessed I am. And then there are days where I want to cry alone in the corner and pack up a bag and go very far away. Or, at the very least, wonder and wonder all day why I didn't study something like business or nursing in college.

So now that that's out of my system, I leave you with these. They remind me that with the summer ending & the days getting colder comes a new season of more-than-amusing TV shows I can spend the next months enjoying.

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