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a shooter at St. John's? do you think it'll help us make the NCAA this year?

Not the shooter my alma mater was hoping for, I'm guessing.

I stole that joke from Alex Pereira--just wanted to give him some credit.

I've been thinking about a lot of different things since yesterday, when my good friend Slim IMed me with "yo! there's a gunman at school! whole place on lockdown!" I was at 'work', and spent the rest of the day texting people, seeing what was up, and watching NY1 reporters interview my illustrious peers. Madone!--I haven't seen so many gindaloons on my TV since HBO ended The Sopranos!

The biggest thing I can't get over, though, is the fact that the gunman took a livery cab to school. Yes, a cab. I could only imagine how the conversation went:

OMESH HIRAMAN (getting into car): Hey, I'm going to St. John's?


OMESH HIRAMAN: Can you let me off on Utopia? There's a specific gate I need to go through.

CABDRIVER: Which way do you think I should take?

OMESH HIRAMAN: Maybe you should take the Grand Central? I don't think it'll be busy this time of day

CABDRIVER: Gah, I hate the Parkway! I'll get you there faster taking the streets.... Hey wait, is that a gun wrapped in a plastic bag on your lap?


CABDRIVER: Grand Central it is.

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