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thought i was a donut, ya tried to glaze me



I HATE when time warner cable switches the numbers of the channels. Now I have to find and re-memorize everything.

Just giving you all an idea of what I've been up to lately.


next time they ask me in a job interview what i want to ultimately do in 'the business', i'm just going to say 'i want to be liz lemon.'

Liz: How come men can be heavy and be respected, like James Gandolfini or Fat Albert? It's a double standard, and America needs to get over its body image madness.

Jack: Oh, come on. What are we, back in college, freshman year? Let's go to the common room and talk about apartheid.

Liz: Oh, okay. Yeah. I'm sorry I care about making the world a better place.

Jack: You should be. It's a complete waste of time


i just found this

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i haven't look this excited in months!


so give truth to all those asking, but lie to me tonight...

some say that life is short
and they stood by as the years flew
but i just can't believe it
life's the longest thing that i'll ever do
just like courage needs compassion
and every victory needs an end
like the lilies in the springtime
life is beautiful again

-courtesy of walker



how about this fricken weatha!

Whenever I do poorly on an interview I think of that very special episode of King of Queens, when Carrie is at first passed over to interview for a job because of her accent. She proceeds to spend the entire episode worrying about her accent, and is trained by Spence, who grew up in West Virginia and learned to change his southern one, to hide her own. A fuckin' montage! follows, with Spence having her pronounce her -er's, her 'o's correctly (no longer teacha and dawg). By the end of the episode her accent is gone, but when she goes into the interview she realizes she hasn't prepared for anything else pertaining to the job. She bombs the interview not because she wasn't qualified, or capable of preparing, but because she was worried about something that wasn't even necessarily as important. And in true sitcom form, a lesson is learned and the accent is back.

Sometimes on interviews I worry too much about what I'm going to wear, or if they won't be impressed by my college. I even worry about my accent, even though I don't think I have one that bad. And instead of 'axing' questions, I get 'mad nervous' and don't 'tawk' enough. And then I don't get the job.


welcome to the working week

me: so how's work?

Nosa: i'm about to punch this one bitch in the face

I wonder if my writing has even improved?