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flipping it back to you, loyal reader

A few monthsago I was extremely flattered to find my dear friend & loyal reader Catherine Grady had devoted a myspace blog post to me, entitled "the quotable katie honan." For those of you who aren't her friend on myspace, here's a sampling of what I said :

guys love whores
it's like fast food

you say you hate it & it's gross & bad for you
but you gonna turn down a big mac if someone offers it?

it's true
a lot of willpower goes into turning down chicken nuggets

Later on this made it into it's own blog:

"everyone's so in love with the idea of love that well forsake everything else"

"i cant believe i was ever so callously critical of stupid girls
we're all stupid"

(CG's the brunette with the nice hair, I'm in the Genesis shirt)

I'm so fucking deep!

But that's not why I'm posting this. Catherine & I have been spending a lot of time together lately, mainly in my car, which is my favorite place to talk. And the other night she said so many deep things I thought I'd post them here, in my own (paraphrased) version of "the quotable catherine grady":

on questions (and, i suppose, the truth)-

it's not that people aren't thinking of the questions to ask, they're just scared of the answers.

CG also directed me back to her myspace to find the following quote from Tom Robbins:

"I believe you have to reach a certain age before you understand how much life really is like a novel, with patterns and leitmotifs and turning points, and guns that must go off and people who must return before the ending."

That's a nice thought; the idea that, just like we've all been saying, our lives can be like books or TV shows. That people will leave unexpectedly or say things that catch your breath, and you will always hope and believe in the back of your minds and the bottom of your hearts that favorite characters just might come back before it's all over. Like some dude once said, "isn't it pretty to think so?"

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