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the HOG list is back!

The history of the HOG (Hot Old Guy) list is long as the men on this list are handsome, but I decided to bring it back on my blog mainly because people still ask me if I keep a list of them. It'll take a while for me to compile a whole list, but in the meantime, please nominate hunks in the comment box.

Qualifications are kind of dicey; clearly, they have to be old, but as we've all gotten older the age cap has, too. Here's something you can use--would it be socially unacceptable for you to date this HOG? Is this person more than double your age?


Get to creepin'! Get to nominatin'!


Fortune said...

This is an obvious nomination on my part...it's all about THE BROSNAN.

Katie said...

yes, def.

so there's one.

I wonder if my writing has even improved?