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I couldn't sleep last night due to a lot of different reasons, but I finally fell in deep around 6:30. Since I don't really have a job or anything getting to sleep at this time is fine, because I can technically sleep all day if I really wanted to. At around 9:15 this morning I unfortunately awoke from what was an amazing dream to voices coming in through my open window (thank you, 60 degree heat in November). These voices were, at first, low, and I couldn't make out what they were saying. Words were coming in here and there, and as I became fully awake, I realized what I was hearing--the gossiping of my neighbors from AROUND THE CORNER that is STILL GOING ON as I type this from my bed.

"Yea, so he texted me and I texted him back and.."

"He's a great guy, went to catholic school and all that..."

"No, no, you should call him, you should totally call him..."

The worst part about it is it's only coming in waves, and I can't full make out what they're saying (or who, exactly, is saying it) and I'm too tired to get up and find out.

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