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My Family Holiday Letter

To All Our Family & Friends--

I can't believe another year is over! It seems like only yesterday I was typing up our 2006 letter. In so many ways, our family has been blessed this year, and I hope you all have been as well. We started things off with our blocks annual Polar Bear Dip, where some (not all) of us run into the frigid Atlantic to "baptize" the new year. Of course, little Stella usually doesn't enjoy watching us from the cold sand, but she's too chicken to go into the water after us!

Speaking of Stella--this year she turned 3 (21 in dog years)! We celebrated her big day with her usual favorite dinner (roast beef), a beer, a shot of Jameson's (she's a St. Paddy's Day baby, after all!) and Vanilla Soft Serve from Carvel. We can't believe how much she's grown. Every time we look at her we still see the bouncy little pup jumping around on the table at North Shore Animal League, although that little puppy has grown to 80+ pounds (all muscle, not fat, she's just big boned). The joy she's brought into our lives is indescribable.

Mike and I went on our annual vacation, this time to London and Paris. We had an amazing time and saw lots of the attractions, but it was hard leaving Stella for so long. We wished we could have brought her, but the traveling is too much. I think next year we're planning on a dog-friendly trip, like to the dog park in Dyker Heights we always drive by or maybe to a different beach other than the one we always go to. Stella likes the beach.

We had a few sad things happen this year, though. Stella's best friend and neighbor, Maggie the Wolfhound, moved away. Stella was sad for weeks, which made us extremely sad. It was so sad. But then Stella forgot about it when she made friends with Duke the Black Lab and Guinness the Purebred Poodle, so we were happy again.

Recently, Stella had to undergo some invasive surgery to help fix a problem we feel is too disgusting to discuss in a cheery holiday letter. Suffice it to say we have been on edge since she went under and although we are thankful that the surgery went well, our nerves have yet to subside.

That has pretty much been our year. I hope you all are as lucky as we have been and I wish you all the best in 2008.

All the Best--
Fran Honan

p.s-Katie graduated college & Roseanne started student teaching.

p.p.s-Oh, Stella learned how to fetch!!!

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