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This past week I had two separate dreams featuring Neil Young. Help me figure out what they mean.

In this dream I was sitting in a bar that during the dream was understood as the Crocodile Lounge, but upon further thought I'm realizing that it looked more like everybody's favorite ocean-front bar, The Sandbar (maybe it's my subconscious wishing one was the other). So I'm sitting at a table and I see Neil Young about to walk out the door. I grab his shoulder and casually say, "Hey Neil, great show Saturday night", because although I haven't seen Neil Young in concert, in real-life or even in my dream life, I had recently spoken to Teeny about his show last Saturday and figured I'd sound cool telling him that. Neil turns around and seems as though he knows me from somewhere; he takes a seat at my table and starts talking to me. He starts talking about Rockaway St. Paddy's Day and how he's thinking of coming down again this year and hanging out. He asks me where I'll be and I tell him Roger's Irish House (seriously) and he's like, wow, cool. And then HE suggests he show up there this year and play a few songs! Then he mentions something about having to do rehearsal and leaves.

So if my dream is right--Neil Young performing LIVE this Rockaway St. Paddy's Day at Roger's Irish House

Neil Young didn't appear until the end of this dream, in an unfortunate turn of events. I'm sitting on my beach, but it's around dusk. There are a whole bunch of people around that I don't know and we're watching boats out in the ocean. I get up and begin to walk towards the boardwalk, when I hear a loud explosion. I don't turn around but someone says, "Oh, a submarine just exploded!" (I recently read a book where there was a submarine explosion, so that can explain that). I still don't turn around until someone goes, "Oh, and it's really sad...Neil Young was on that sub." I turn around and see a submarine at the top of the ocean, smoking.


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