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The Big Picture

One of the shows I watch on a regular basis is House Hunters. For those of you not up on this HGTV gem, it showcases a person, couple, or family who are looking for buy a home, and follows them as they visit three houses with a real estate agent. The houses are always comparable to one another, so the reasons why the people would pick one over the other are usually very minute. Simple things--like a garage not being big enough or the kitchen not being updated--can make or break a sale. And I can understand that--who wants a tiny bathroom? Who wants to live with something you can't easily adapt to or change?

But most of the times I watch, the house hunters spend so much time focusing on things that aren't important that I sometimes have to switch the channel. They'll say things like, "Ugh, I hate that couch!" or, "This wallpaper has got to go!", as if the fucking couch is coming with the home. The real estate agents will always remind them, "The wallpaper is actually easily removed..." but still, at the recap, it'll come up.

"I liked the house, basically, but I didn't really like the way the living room was setup. The TV shouldn't be facing the window..."

As for me, I'm all about the what I like to call the big picture. Forest for the trees and all that. When I look at something-- even someone--I like to think not of the tiny, unimportant details, but at the structure of it all. The framework, what makes something stand up and stay up, what makes it tick. I've seen too much flimsy craftmanship in my time, dressed up to look like something beautiful. Unlike those couples looking for a home, I'm not as concerned with the small stuff, just the big stuff. I want to find the real thing.

Anybody get what I'm saying?

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