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i can't live without my radio

I thought I'd seen it all with iPod abuse. Kids listening to their rock & roll while out to dinner with their families, the usual loud & embarrassing music on the dude sitting next to you on the subway, that sort of thing. But earlier today I went to get my hair blown out and watched as the girl in front of me, about to get her hair washed, began untangling her headphones.

"No," I thought. "There's no way this girl's gonna listen to her iPod while getting hear hair washed."

But she did. Put those buds right into her ears, which just so happened to be in a SINK getting WASHED. She also started taking cellphone photos of herself in the sink, which I'm sure got immediately uploaded onto MySpace. The shampoo girl eventually asked her to take her headphones out as she continued to wash her hair, but I couldn't believe this girl actually thought that'd be cool in the first place. Don't they teach kids about the dangers of electricity + water anymore?

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