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In order to switch some things up on this, I've invited my dog Stella to be a guest blogger. I'll say it now--I take no responsibility for what she might say or who she might offend, and I'll let it be known that she spends a lot of time with my dad, which might explain the right-leaning ideologies. Enjoy!

So my older sister's allowed me to post a few blogs on her site. I'm fortunate for the opportunity, although I doubt her self-described "high readership" which she desribes in the "hundreds." If there's one thing I've learned from living with her, it's that she's known for her exaggeration. Another thing she's known for? Not sharing her dinner with me. If I could speak I'd remind her of that trip to Florida she has planned this week and how different she looks than all those hot mamis hanging out on South Beach. Maybe if you gave me that piece of chicken, I'd like to say, the difference between you and Julissa from Miami wouldn't be so great.

But I didn't come here to insult her. I came here, instead, to write about a topic that means a great deal to me--the 2008 Election.

I know I possess what many may consider to be an unpopular position, especially on this blog (nothing but liberal swill up on here! Makes me sick!). However, my position is based on watching hours and hours of FoxNews and The Military Channel with my true owner and father, Mike.

So lemme tell you what's up. All I ever hear about is the race between Hillary and Obama. Hillary said this, Obama said that, blah blah blah. In my opinion, I just wish this Democratic race would be OVER already so I can at least know who John McCain will be DESTROYING come November.

So why, if ever given the right to vote, would I cast mine in favor of John McCain? To me, he's the only one of the three who actually has the guts to protect us from the terrorists. Also, with his white hair, he looks the most like me. There are other reasons--things I hear on my daddy's talk radio stations, but I can't think of them at the moment. I just wanted to come on here and tell ya'll to stop fronting the Mac! You know he's the only one who can pull through in the fall!

This Bitch is out.




Fortune said...

at least your dog is for democracy...mine is a member of the party "LOVE MANDY...OR ELSE!" a party which supports her desire for dictatorship

Fortune said...
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I wonder if my writing has even improved?