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Along with Arnold and Gerald, Helga is the main character on Nickelodeon's "Hey Arnold!". Helga is 9 years old and attends P.S. 118 with all the other "Hey Arnold!" kids. She is a very complexed character. While she acts tough and has no problem with telling people where to go, she is really a very soft person who just want to be understood. You really have to watch the show to understand Helga and where she's coming from.

Helga is madly in love with Arnold. She writes obsessive poetry about him and has a shrine to him in her closet. Her love for Arnold is her darkest secret and although she has tried many times to tell him how she feels, she finds it easier to just bully him, so that's what she does - constently! Helga is always coming up with new ways to get Arnolds attention, whether it be acting different, dressing different, or whatever.

Helga's best friend is her Japanese classmate, Phoebe. Helga values Phoebe's friendship, yet she is always bossing her around. Phoebe doesn't really seem to mind this, and maybe that is why Helga does it.



Fortune said...

you mean boys don't like it when you hit them?

candy* said...

it's me!!!

I wonder if my writing has even improved?