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Which Obama Daughter Are You?


You Are: Malia Obama

Strong, graceful, and reserved, you don't have to forcefully grab things (like microphones) to get your point across. A simple gesture, such as blowing a kiss to a television screen, help in expressing how you feel. You pride yourself on your elegance and will be most likely to maintain a fresh garden at the White House.

You Are: Sasha Obama

You don't sit around and wait for things to happen--you get right out there and determine your own destiny! Not one to wait for someone to just offer up information, you get right in there and ask ("Daddy, what city are you in?"). You are not content with allowing those above you to be in control; you use your cuteness and a sly smile to get things your way. While living at 1600 Penn Ave, you'll be hitting the bowling alley ASAP. When old enough, you may just be hitting the bars like the Bush daughters did.

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