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I was at Columbia University earlier this evening for a grad school fair (I'm thinking, I'm thinking). Holy. I've never been to the campus, but it is beautiful and a complete oasis from Manhattan.

And there is certainly no doubt when you get on campus that it is an Ivy League school. I went to that other NYC education for higher learning--St. John's--but the two schools can't be more different, and it's noticeable as soon as you walk through those gates on Broadway.

While walking through and getting lost and trying to find the gymnasium, I observed, heard, and saw many things that fit all Stuff White People like stereotypes.

-1 Free Tibet shirt
-6 (!) pairs of boat shoes.
-"Oh, yea, that was on The Colbert Report last night..."
-2 guys wearing manpris
-"Yea, well, I haven't thought about doing the theat-ah at Columbia this semester..."
-tons of student sitting crossed legged on the grass, shoes off, reading shit like Proust and Clarissa

So many white people! I was frightened. Get me back to Jamaica, Queens ASAP.

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Fortune said...

stuff white people like: James Franco

I wonder if my writing has even improved?