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One of my favorite cereals is Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds. Anyone who eats this cereal would be lying if they said they didn't eat it solely for the delicious cluster of oats and honey, bunched together to make the perfect sized addition to your morning bite. The oats are dope beyond all belief and make up for the bland and quick-to-get-soggy other stuff (so boring I can only call it "other stuff"). There have been so many times I've thought, why can't they just make a cereal with this stuff?

Oh snap--they did. I saw the ads for "Just Bunches" tonight while watching some Project Runway reruns and can't wait to hit up Waldbaums in the AM to buy some. This here restores my faith in mankind. This cereal will make me feel good all day long. It will make me forget about how much I hate Sarah Palin and when I'm sad, eating this cereal will erase all my sadness and make me start singing songs about butterflies.

It's just going to be that frigin good.

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