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This sort of thing makes me sick...

This video played at the RNC. Comments made by Keith Olberman condemning MSNBC's airing of this video ("It is a subject of great pain for many of us still and it was probably not appropriate to be shown") have apparently gotten him removed from the anchor chair. For shame.

Once again, 9/11 is being used to elect Presidents whose intentions are to allow more Americans to be killed. Does anyone else see how disgusting this is--complete with ominous narration and a narrative directly connecting the Iran hostage situation to what happened 7 years ago? Lest we forget who was financially backed by the US and whose family was flown out of the country the morning of the attacks. Bin Laden. The Republicans need to find a way to move forward and stop linking everything to 9/11. More importantly, they need to stop trying to win elections by misusing the memory of the thousands who died in vain.

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