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Boxing's Been Good To Me

I'm starting to box tomorrow. This is something I've wanted to do since I saw Million Dollar Baby. I never saw the end, though--what happens?

I hope I get strong and sweaty and skinny in time for summer. But mostly strong.

And while watching this week's Ugly Betty, I can't help but wonder what idea the rest of the country/world is getting about Queens girls from watching this show. Seriously, the 59th street bridge isn't some magical time machine that has everyone in the 718 dressing like it's 1993. We get Vogue out here, too. And aren't all so unaware of what's going on. Betty's own perceived clueless-ness regarding wardrobe and perception is used as a way to describe her character, showing that her beauty is more than skin-deep. But with Kimmy, played by LI-native Lindsay Lohan, it just looks silly. Honestly, a mini backpack?

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Jesse said...

boxing? for reals? that's awesome. i kind of want to take up boxing, or some sort of martial art. maybe jiu jitsu.

I wonder if my writing has even improved?