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Shining Through

If this Election has done anything yet, it's shown what people are made of. I don't mean those actually running for office, I mean the regular schmucks like me who are just going to vote. It's getting people out to vote, hopefully, but it's also showing many people's true colors.

And it ain't pretty.

I had someone tell me--seriously--that Barack Obama went to the same "terrorist training school" that the 9/11 terrorists went to.

"Columbia?," I said, "Or Harvard."

"No," this girl said. "He went between high school and college."

Yeah, terrorist pre-college. A fucking prep school in Connecticut, right? Was Obama trying to play college ball and didn't have the grades or something?

What the fuck is wrong with people? I know they aren't usually this ignorant, and I think the election season allows them to display what they really (God help us) feel. Today, my friend Tara summed it up pretty well: "All this election serves as is a way to let people show how racist they really are."

And I've seen it, today with my neighbor who called me a self-hating white person, and with the countless other people who say to others, earnestly, "I could never vote for Obama. He's a [n-word]." This stuff is just relayed to me by other people (my friend's dad went out to a bar, and walked right into the middle of the above conversation). I don't know what I would do if someone used that sort of phrase with me. The thought of it upsets me so much that I'm afraid I would cry, making me look even more like some bleeding-heart liberal.

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dirtyfilthy.net said...

I'm agree, the whole thing is a horrible mess.

good luck.

I wonder if my writing has even improved?