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What Steve Jobs Had In Mind

I stood last week next to two guys while waiting (FOREVER!) to be served in the Apple Store. This is an excerpt of their conversation.

DUDE 1: Yo. you ever fuck around with webcams?

DUDE 2: Whatya mean?

DUDE 1: Do you got one?

DUDE 2: Nah, I dunno, maybe.

DUDE 1: Son, my brother's got one. He calls me up the other day, tells me to turn mines on. He's callin' me from a hotel room, right? Two Japanese girls wit' em.

DUDE 2: Oh yea?

DUDE 1: Turn that webcam on and I see these two Japanese girls shaking them titties standing next to my brother. Shut that computer off right quick and got my ass to the hotel room!

DUDE 2: Word.

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