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The Bachelor

As if this show wasn't bad enough with it's simple premise, they now found a guy with a kid. Great. Get a kid involved with the pseudo-courtship of two people feigning and faking their way to love, when they're really just fumbling towards a lame version of celebrity.

Doesn't this go against all rules of dating a guy with baggage? Dr. Phil suggests waiting to introduce the child to the person you're dating until you know it is serious. Isn't this kid gonna get confused by a revolving door of hussies?

Honestly! This show only worked out for one couple, Trista and Ryan, and I still think that relationship's fake (doesn't Ryan seem a little short-bus?). I guess The Bachelor Bob got to meet Greenlee Smythe because of his fame.

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Fortune said...

this type of show kills brains.

I wonder if my writing has even improved?