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I Waited For This

Eleven stories high above Vegas, I waited. It was close to 7am, and I hadn't slept yet, and instead of laying in bed with the blinds closed I sat cross-legged on the hotel desk and watched what was below. My friends had left hours before for a flight back to New York. They were most likely on the plane right now, thinking I was crazy for refusing to go back with them, for refusing to change my later flight just to spend this time alone.

"What are you gonna do in Vegas for six hours? It's not like you'll have time for the pool. Won't it be nice to get home and have the whole day?"

But I didn't want a whole day at home, because I have whole days at home most of the time. What I wanted, even more than the In N' Out burger I planned on getting on my way to the airport, was to watch the sunrise over Vegas. I'd never heard anything particularly interesting about it, wasn't specifically told in a guide book that I couldn't miss it, like the water show at the Bellagio or the buffet at Mandalay Bay. I just had it in my head that the sight in front of me--dark and bright at the same time, full of specs of neon lights--would look better turning from night to day. I thought it would be like watching something turn from good to bad, a Jekyll and Hyde city shaking off evil.

This town is constantly shining, but like a lot of things, it looks the best from above. The city above, from a hotel window, is bright and clean. Hit the ground and things get more real, a little grittier. Las Vegas is a place where dreams go to die, drunk people sashaying and tossing money on tables and betting all they ever had on red or black.

A little after 7 I looked out towards the strip and saw the first signs of orange and pink over buildings. The lights were still on, and flashing, but slowly things came into place. Orange and yellow and pink all rising from behind the mountains, and in 10 minutes it was all sunshine. I waited all alone for a West coast sunset and a West coast burger, and I had no regrets.

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Jesse said...

Sunrise over the desert sounds like a glorious thing, Vegas or no Vegas.

I wonder if my writing has even improved?