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More Wave Letters

I started looking through the old documents on my computer, and found a few long-forgotten gems (most notably a Ethics paper on selfishness I titled, "If I Write Three Pages On How I Feel About Selfishness, Does That Make Me Selfish?").

Last Christmas my local newspaper, The Wave, published an article in the "It's My Turn" column by a nationally-syndicated right-wing author. Her article, entitled "Why Liberals Hate Christmas", enraged me so much (I love Christmas!) I sat down to write a letter. I never thought it was up to snuff enough to send it, but looking back, I was wrong. I should have sent this in.

Dear Editor,

Last week’s “It’s My Turn” column, written by a woman with seemingly no interest or ties to the Rockaway community, was an interesting piece of “journalism” (the quotes are intentional). Even editorials are bound to some ethical standards, and her piece was nothing more than a one-sided, biased attack on her own definition of a “liberal.” Ms. LaBrecht claims that politics are what drive liberals, which makes sense, since “liberal” is usually used to describe a person’s particular political leanings. And for someone who criticizes liberals for bowing “to government authority” instead of a “higher authority” (which is what she claims Conservative Christians bow to), she certainly has no qualms about making public her own political leanings by mentioning her involvement with Security Moms for Bush. Later on in the piece she exclaims that the commandment Thou Shall Not Kill “embitters” liberals, what with their support of abortion and euthanasia and stem cell research. Funny, she neglects to make any mention of the death penalty—I wonder if it has anything to do with her support of President Bush, a man who claims to be pro-life, a man who executed a total of 154 death-row inmates during his term as Governor of Texas (www.tdcj.state.tx.us/stat/annual/htm). Not to mention the 3,000+ Americans who have died in the War on Terror, and the tens of thousands of Iraqis who have died as well. But I guess that’s a different kind of killing.

Kathy LaBrecht’s article is nothing more than a cheap shot, put in bullet forms. Do all “liberals” lack accountability and self-responsibility, or faith, or a belief in a higher God? Of course not; just like not all “conservatives” have a higher moral code or any more right to criticize and judge those who don’t do what they do. Her use of cliché’s (her many references to the moral-less lifestyle promoted by Hollywood has been done before, and a lot better, by others more famous than she) and generalizations to describe what she considers a liberal are grounded in nothing more than her own distaste for a group that doesn’t share her own views. Hers is a painfully one-sided argument, and doesn’t seem to serve a purpose in a community newspaper; except, maybe, to laugh at the extremes people will go to broadcast their own ignorance and idiocy. Honestly, where do you find these people?

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