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You're Still The One I Live To Impress


Like a cost-efficient PostSecret (also, without the occasional secret about molestation). Now all those words and lines floating around in your head, for an ex-love or a never-love, have a place to go (besides your private journal or the drafts in your Gmail, like mine go). Some favorites:

The real insult is you left me for a girl who uses Hotmail as her primary email

I hope that someday, in another life, we will find ourselves traveling the same path at the same time, even if for just a few moments.

Even though we broke up seven years ago, I still rate the way I feel about someone new on a scale that goes from Zero to You.

Since I signed onto Facebook, you all routinely email me about your marriages, divorces, etc., so nothing is left to say. The old, desperate romance has been replaced by friendly indifference.

I held onto the jade cufflinks you gave me for the prom, forty-nine years ago. I just gave them to my son.

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