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Jim and Pam SUCK

Yea, that's right, I'm going to title this post like that.

Because they do.

I don't claim to be the world's biggest Office fan, nor do I want to be the world's biggest Office fan, but as a casual viewer I can say, with authority, that Jim and Pam are the lamest part of that show. Theirs was once a well-played, unrequited love storyline between two likable people. Now, it's just two huge losers who both left Scranton only to find themselves back, being even meaner to the other Dundler-Mifflin people than before.

Perfect example, The Moroccan-Themed Christmas Party. Andy's jamming out on the sitar, and what does Jim do? Tell him, in his typical smug way, to stop playing. You might say I'm a little soft on Andy--I think he's kinda funny and charming, so sue me!--but that shit was uncalled for. Let the man play, will you? Jim and Pam, but especially Jim, prance around the office like their shit don't stink, like they're better than everyone else they work with, but let's look at the facts.

Both left, went somewhere cooler, and came back. You could say it was for their love of each other, but now that they're together, why don't they LEAVE Dundler-Mifflin and go somewhere else? Why did Jim buy his parent's house (mad corny) if he even thought Pam wanted to continue to pursue her art?

If this was more than a sitcom, Pam would lay a serious resentment trip on Jim about lost dreams and un-pursued passions. And Jim would lay a serious guilt trip on Pam for having pined after her for so long and for what seemed to be no reason.

"I could have been a famous artist by now!"

"Well, the hot black chick was better in bed than you are!"

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