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I was standing outside the Barnes and Noble on 5th Ave. and 18th street this morning at around 8:45, waiting for 9am so I could go inside and buy a book of maps. It was a popular place to be, too, as seen by the 10 or so other people who also waited outside with me.

Lurking around was this black guy holding two backpacks and rocking a backwards SF Giants hat. He walked to the door and looked inside, muttering--to himself, maybe, or to the people through the glass inside. You didn't have to look at this guy very long to realize he was crazy, as so many people are, but this dude seemed to have some anger behind him. Alright, I thought, it happens. Until he walked up to the girl standing next to me, who had just landed in NY from London (I eavesdropped on her cell conversations) and sounded so innocent with her accent.

"Yo, fuck you bitch, fucking Obama man, fuck the FBI they don't know me, get off my DICK BITCH, BITCH get off my DICK..."

She walked away, clearly disturbed, and he walked to some other chick and did much of the same. Everyone ignored him until he started bothering another woman who happened to be walking up 5th; he matched her fast pace and caught up behind her and stepped down on the back of her shoes, flat-tiring her. The guy next to me-- a big guy--stood up and said, "Hey now."

And that woman--short, blonde, wearing a sweater tied around her shoulders, carrying a big Hobo bag on her shoulder and a coffee in her hand--stopped, dropped the bag to the ground, and went up to him.

Is she going to punch him? I thought. No, no--throw the coffee in his face.


After she stopped she bent down, shifted her right pant leg up and grabbed the gun she had strapped to her ankle.

I couldn't hear what she was saying but I could read her face, tough and challenging, daring this everyday crazy guy to do something to her. He carried on--"FUCKING SHOOT ME MAN, YOU DON'T KNOW, GET OFF MY DICK"--but it was obvious that he had lost, especially after she continued to follow him up 5th as started walking away. The gun was put away at this point, but the coffee was still in hand.

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Jesse said...

What maps were you buying?

I wonder if my writing has even improved?